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About Kent Ridge Education

The Pioneer in Private Education

Started in 1988, KRTC Kent Ridge Education is now a leading education chain in Singapore with more than 100,000 students. We provide a wide range of academic and enrichment programmes for various group ranging from 1½ – 18 years old.

Today, KRTC Kent Ridge Education has almost 30 centres island-wide in Singapore, all conveniently located near MRT/bus interchanges. Armed with strong success, we are ready to venture into other aspects in the educational industry locally and overseas.

Our Success Factors

FOCUS on the qualities & necessary characteristics for tutors. Engaging the trained teachers from
National Institute of Education with relevant teaching experience in Ministry of Education & excellent performance record.

CREATE a conducive environment & culture to enable tutors to start a life-long career with KRTC.
Tutors are well rewarded with very attractive remunerations, benefits and opportunities.

ACQUIRE strategic locations within densely populated estates with many schools, near public transport
for easy accessibility, inside shopping malls with amenities and for our overall group image & branding.

PROVIDE one-stop lifestyle education hub with a wide variety of programs to cater
to different needs and expectations from toddlers to adults.

Our Vision

To create a global holistic education that crosses beyond political, national, religious and social boundaries so as to
foster international and interpersonal relationship and bonding.

Our Mission

To provide continuous and challenging educational programmes for students to strive for excellence so that they will
become disciplined, responsible and caring individuals.

Our Philosophy

• To inspire a life-long desire for knowledge and learning

• To produce proactive learners with characteristics to succeed

• To cultivate creative, innovative and enterprising spirits

• To nurture personal characters, values and social ethics


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